What’s the reason you relapsed on porn? Is it because ermagerd i couldn’t fite the urges today!!1 (?)

That is the intial assessment, sure. I’m convinced it’s the bad thought patterns that we put ourselves in.

Addiction is caused by a failure to imagine a better future without the addiction. The lack of lived experience without the addiction. A lack of belief in yourself that you can do it, in the long term, forever and ever. To nip in the bud permanently.

What else could it be? You are the one who puts your hand on your dick and jerks off. You make these decisions. You make all decisions in your life. These decisions have effects on your life. They ripple throughout it.

Cultivate a deep deep desire for the things you truly want and believe the change is possible

Then make that desire stronger

Then multiply that desire by 100

Add 7

Multiply by two

Raise it to the power of 629

Take a deep breath and double that number

Multiply it by ♾️

Your desire isn’t strong enough even then. This is what you truly want. If you keep coming back to these thoughts over many many many years, this is what you want. Deep down inside of yourself, your soul. This is what you truly want.

So multiply it by the factorial of ♾️ (♾️!) instead

Finally garnish by repeating all the above steps for belief that you can do this and change is possible. Repeat ad infintum

now then, what is truly stopping you. yourself?