I am prepared now, I am not waiting

People often say that you need to improve your life first before going porn-free, or that it’s a requisite. To be honest I’m working on improving my life, but at what point is your life improved enough that you no longer watch porn? That’s the issue with that mindset.

It’s like, run around and focus on anything that isn’t actually changing your mindset toward what it is you’re trying to do.

Oh, just improve the rest of your life and you will quit porn

I mean I have done a lot to improve my life over time. But the old thought patterns and mindset has remained in place, the idea that I can’t beat this, or that I will always inevitably go back. I have been in some wonderful places in my life and I still watched porn.

So no, it’s not about improving your life in other areas. Will that help you quit porn? Probably! Feeling better is always a good thing. But if your old mindset is still in place then that’s not going away arbitrarily just because you ‘improved your life’ somewhere else.

I want to feel better NOW, I’m improving my life in this area NOW

All you really have to do is change your mindset to stop doing this thing, which involves getting your dick out and beating your meat. It’s simple in practice.

There are no external other steps needed like some people claim. You’re ready to be free from porn now.

Otherwise when are you supposed to reach that moment when you have quit porn?

Keep reinforcing your mindset

Do the laundry daily, fix the issue. Always question how dedicated you truly are to the path. Don’t let up, don’t ever forget how important this issue is to you deep down inside.