Perspective 👌

I’m gonna go out on a limb and see if i’m proved right on the following statement: NoFap/porn-free (not making a distinction i guess) is like LSD with a long come up time of 1-2 years if you have been addicted in the past

only you can say for sure if you have been addicted and it has had negative effects. dick not working? you might be in the 25% of men who have had negative consequences as a result of your porn use. only you can know for certain. nothing wrong with tripping balls on life and cutting it out of one’s life, potentially

what’s great about nofap/porn-free (day 7 incel talking FYI but we’ll SEE) is that it’s even dead easier to do than meditation… and i’m gonna guess it has the same magnitude of benefits if not greater. i mean what possibly could go fucking wrong with ass fucking your most primitive brain structure that governs the second reason you’re alive for over a decade of your life

like there’s gotta be something to the idea that giving this up has something to show us about how best to be in relationships, how to counter lust, i don’t fucking know. just like acid i don’t fucking know the consequences of being fucking 2 years free from porn i’ve only ever gone 75 days and i was full of horny 15 year old energy and exploded and went back to old ways. idk if that was real growth or just white knuckling it back then. but going forward now it’s like… you don’t need this. you can’t say you’ve seen all there is to see at 75 days, or even one entire year. and do you really enjoy pornography? this is some enlightenment talking. i’ve been doing this for how long? picture that text waving around like you’re tripping

maybe i have had a worse problem than you. maybe i have just thought about it a lot more than you, but we’re actually as bad as each other. maybe you’re worse than me lmao who knows. all i see is strong potential in the long term of quitting this stuff. does someone who has drank a bottle of vodka daily for 14 years have the same day to day life experience as someone sober? what perspectives are we missing out on. what else could change our lives and day to day existence for the better. does the alcoholic really like the vodka, the vaper the vape?

i tell you a good nofap streak will bring you closer to that 👌 feeling of a good LSD trip, and more of that every day must be a good idea. in the past i’d preach but i KNEW in the back of my mind that i could/would go back

now i’m not so sure. when that moment comes. and i’m looking at my brain’s strong urge to look at strong pornographic lustful material. that feeling is powerful i can feel it now just thinking about it. most of the time in the past i might battle it out for a bit. but eventually some day i gave in. what happens behind the curtain, what happens behind all of this pornography induced nightmare, in the halcyon days beyond the perrenial issue of my life? at least my percieved issue

I fucking assure you I have made so, so so many fucking goddamn mistakes due to not being present in this reality. you can relate too, i’m sure of it. i could and should have done better in my exams. i should have chosen my degree better (should have done CS). I am way behind on relationships. I have only begun to actually think about applying myself to something real in this world. I have had an intel management engine fucking chip installed in my brain that has pulled me out of this reality as much as possible for far too long

it has worn me down again and again over and over. and this porn thing is the tippity top symbol, possibly cause of it all. because when you feel no enjoyment, no satisfaction, no pleasure toward anything real whatsoever except your pixelated boobs, reality itself becomes anathema and all that is left is the crude peephole of human experience that you see through that we call pornography addiction

cough cough

yeah this sounds cool

very cute. awesome to hear. people will say things, and they will listen to you, but people will ultimately do what they wanna do. all you can offer is your own perspective