It's the Vibes

Tomorrow will be two weeks porn-free. Had two non porn quick wanks in that time, but otherwise two weeks of porn-free bliss. I’m also coming up to 5 days vape-free too.

The ultimate reason to quit porn

We can rationally put many reasons to quit porn into our heads. But after going porn-free for a long time, that stuff just doesn’t seem as important. The whole thing is honestly about the vibes.

As in, you feel more connected to the world. You feel happier, you feel like doing stuff. It’s like you’re living your life in HD after living in SD or with a terrible signal for so long.

Basically, you enjoy your life and want to do things in it.

This is no longer some dudebro ‘top 50 benefits’ thing or whatever. That has its place. But *experiencing* the porn-free life is where it really starts to click.

"Y'know, I could probably keep this up forever. I get it now."

Nuh uh

Funny 3D animated guy with eyes going nuh uh

This is how you should view porn, a total joke. Nuh uh are we going back. Because otherwise you’re back to The Melodrama, which is stupid. Then you end right back up at writing blog posts about how porn is terrible for you. Which you already knew was the case, dummy.

Like honestly, what is the actual fucking point of repeatedly doing and failing on the same fucking thing your entire life, when you basically know that not slipping up will make you happier in the long run? The same goes for vaping.

Like, what is the actual point. The actual point. This doesn’t serve me whatsoever. And fuck no am I going to use porn just to end right back where I started.



so don’t even consider it. Lol.

Honestly I just have a lot of anger for how I’ve dealt with this issue over the past ~12 years. Because I’ve caused my self/my soul a lot of trauma over the ‘should i shouldn’t i’ of porn.

What you choose to do in life is subjective and depends on the individual

The thing is, self improvement advice (a lot of it on youtube) contains all sorts of advice:

The list goes on but those are the main ones.

The main issue is sorting out what will really make a difference from the min-max attitude of perfecting absolutely everything in your life. Some things genuinely will transform your life. Other things can become rabbit holes to obsess over, which won’t make much of a difference. And everyone has their own opinion on this.

Some people call NoFap/porn-free a rabbit hole. I guess this issue never affected them as much as it does for some people. Everyone has their own take. This is okay.

In my opinion, drugs, things that mess with your reward system dramatically are bad. And not exercising is (probably) hell for your physical health, but you don’t feel the consequences of that as quickly at that moment.

Some things affect individuals differently. I will not lie to you, I couldn’t drink any amount of caffeine while I was a full-blown porn addict for a long time, because something in my brain was highly predisposed to anxiety. Now caffeine appears to be no problem to me, nice.

Don’t be afraid to enjoy your life

Try things out. Don’t be excessively unhealthy. If you genuinely believe doing something self-improvement related is a big win, do it. If you try it out but you prefer doing something less ‘perfect’, do that.

I’ve spent no less than a literally 1.5 years of my life playing games. Some people would say I need to get a life and touch grass. But that’s subjective, that’s their judgement. I don’t really regret that time, I remember a lot of positive things. It’s honestly up to you to decide.

If something is mega important to you, no matter how stupid other people think it is, pursue it with everything you have. It’s important to you, at the end of the day.