The Misery of Using Porn

Pornography is a powerful, readily available substance that is highly addictive. It plays on a natural instinct we have as humans to reproduce. It’s available anywhere there is an internet connection, making it harder to physically separate from than a lot of substances.

Pornography use on any level will make someone feel more negative than they did previously. When repeatedly abused, these problems compound. Here are a few from my experiences.

Bastardisation of natural bodily functions

Your private parts just work way worse, or not at all. Porn induced erectile dysfunction.

Emotional numbness

You feel life less vividly, like it is in standard definition. Your dreams are of poorer quality or you don’t remember them at all. You are generally unethused and unmotivated in life.

Poorer motor and cognitive abilities

You can’t think as clearly. Your motor controls when using your arms and legs are worse, you feel as if you have two left feet.

Unwillingness to connect with others

You don’t want to connect and meet up with other people. You are more anxious when speaking to other people and secondguess what you say. You feel incomplete as a human when talking to others.