The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The Good

I’m still the most porn-free that I ever have been

I’m relapsing about once every three days, which is miles better than once a day at one point

The Bad

Using nicotine has also brought porn use back into my life, as I’m constantly trying to maintain a decent mood without getting withdrawal symptoms.

So I justify using nicotine, then feel bad from the withdrawals, so I go onto justify porn usage, rinse and repeat

The Ugly

Some of the worst of the big porn addiction symptoms are back. Social awkwardness/reluctance. Lack of enjoyment in music (this song never fails to get me into the mood), lack of interest in life, feeling dperessed effectively.

I don’t want porn-free 2024 to be a meme. Objectively, based on past performance it won’t happen.

To stop feeling crappy, going to have to go into the shadow realm

As in, take the nicotine withdrawals and the ‘porn withdrawals’ head-on for a while. Feel like ‘crap’, even though things are getting better. Need to get through it.

Not at rock bottom.