You have to escape

Go to the top links in /r/pornfree on reddit.

Read these stories. Read them thoroughly. Take them in.

How long have you been suffering? How long will you go on to suffer? What is the point?

When. When will you stop? When you have completely lost your partner? When your emotions have bottomed out and can go no longer? When your rational thought process is as atrophied as humanly possible? When you are crushed under the weight of your compounding bad decisions, of which porn is the linchpin?

Is it worth the constant tax you pay? No. No it isn’t.

Claim back your real enjoyment in this world. The enjoyment you used to enjoy once, but have forgotten.

Quit porn

Then, don’t look back. Run, run as fast as you can.

If you trip over, if you get knocked, if you are dazed or bamboozled temporarily, if you stumble.

Continue to run. Don’t stop. You can’t stop. This will eat you up and chew you out. It will ruin all of the enjoyment you so desperately want in your life.

It’s time to quit porn

Right now. Literally. How long are you going to keep feeding yourself total and uttter poison. How much longer will you pollute your mind.

How much longer will you live in dissatisfaction? How much longer must it take?

When will you learn the lesson? When?

You know the truth. You have known it intrinsically, for a long time.

Escape the prison. Leave the void. Feel the reality that the rest of the non-addicted population feels. Join the rest of the world. Feel again.

Choose emotions. Choose reality. Don’t choose to be a slave. Fight for liberty. See the other side. Move to the other side. Be free.

No seriously, quit this shit

Peppino from the game Pizza Tower running

Peppino has no time for this shit and neither do you