This website probably seems like it's making a very big deal out of pornography addiction.

For many of us dealing with the addiction, that's because it is a very big deal. Pornography is a colony of maggots eating away at our insides. Every failed attempt to quit, dragging us further into agony that we will never be healed.

Yet, a large portion of this failing is due to the wrong mindset. When we percieve we are giving something up by quitting pornography, we are destined to fail. It was never in our hearts to break free.

Quitting porn however, is transformative. To choose to do so is to exit the cave.

Inconcievable rewards and treasures

or, escaping from the matrix

When was the last time you were free from porn?

For many of the younger generation, we started as children. You may have continued it all the way until now, with no breaks. You have never been free more than three months from porn since you started? How long has it been?

You are so far removed from a porn-free life that you have no idea what kind of perspectives and mental fortitude lie on the other side of freedom.

If you have been socially awkward, highly fatigued, lacking motivation for any human endeavour, lacking direction, imagine what possibilities lie behind a long break from porn.

Any serious porn addict who has quit porn for even three days will note how much better they feel, rising to better and better levels of wellbeing with longer periods of abstinence.

If you have never been free for a significant period of time, you will not understand how rapturously enjoyable the other side is. You should see it for yourself.