The Pornography Tax

You cannot concieve of what someone else's life might be like compared to yours. If you've been compulsively using porn for years, nearly every day for a long period of time, your brain has adapted a lot. And you have forgotten the blissful calm happiness that your brain used to enjoy without porn a long time ago, a time when your mind was undamaged.

This goes for many things. If you've been obese for a long time, or addicted to serious drugs. The lens through which you see and experience your life may be drastically altered to what it used to be/could be. In many of these cases, this can be changed.

A non-inclusive list of the damage porn does to you, every day

As you read this, ask yourself for each point: Do I need this in my life?

Duller emotions
Using porn means your brain becomes desensitised to reality, plain and simple.
It's like beginning to live life in high definition after being in standard definition for so long.
Less time
If you are spending several hours each day watching porn, you are throwing away a substantial portion of your life on something that does not and has not benefitted you now, or ever.
Erectile dysfunction
For a huge number of people a part of their body's anatomy just does not work as intended.
Less ambition
Do you ever realise how other people, or your friends seem far more interested in things actually happening in their own lives? Where they're going, their interests. If you don't understand it and you have been coasting along with no real interest in activities, it might be because your psychology is far removed from a healthy one.
Brain fog
One of the most noticable things former addicts notice after quitting is their thinking becomes enhanced and more clear.
Less money
Some very unfortunate addicts feel like they have to spend money to get access to '''premium porn''' (premium damage to your brain) so they can 'enjoy' pornography more.
Some will go on to develop harmful parasocial relationships with amateur pornographers as well, forever chasing some kind of twisted dream.
Warped perception of sexual reality
Those addicted to porn often find it very hard not to think about sexual topics constantly, imagining the normal people they see every day in inappropriate ways. These thoughts are often considered intrusive.
Lighter voice
Men's voices often sound lighter and less masculine if they are addicted to PMO.
Frustration if attempting to quit
If you have tried to quit porn for a long period of time, nothing is more frustrating than feeling like you're living Groundhog Day over and over again, hoping for the day you finally snap out of it. You feel like you are out of control.
Low energy
Lethargy, fatigue, tiredness. One of the last things you want to do is go outside for a walk or go to the gym.

The benefits of pornography

there are no benefits to continued pornography use

any benefits you think you are getting are percieved due to your warped psychology

the pleasure you experience is the result of hypersensitisation

people with an ordinary psychology do not deeply 'enjoy' porn like you do

they are getting high on life instead of high on porn

and they definitely feel better than you

Be rational

Why downgrade your life on so many facets intentionally? Live your life to the fullest! You can choose to quit porn now.

Your future self is hoping that you will make that decision. You will look back and question why you ever spent so long in the rabbit hole.