You’ve gone ahead and done it again, haven’t you.

You said you were gonna quit. For years.


You’ve tried many times in the past. This time is different. The only reason you believe you can’t is because you believe you can’t. You’ve done it too many times.

You will end up back in the same place every time if you don’t change. Regret regret regret.

No more

Rocky Balboa doing pushups

You’re gonna do the thing and feel great

You’re not actually giving anything up. You are just going on to drastically improve the quality of your life, at no expense.

The whole ‘I’m horny thing’ you have going on is an illusion.

You’re gonna conquer your worst feelings and fears and become a better person on the other side.

Rocky Balboa training with a jumprope

You’re done talking and dreaming

You’re the living testament that it’s possible to chuck this shit in the bin and never think about it again. You’re the one people will look up to in the future when they wonder if this is possible or not.

No more of this ‘I messed up’, ‘I relapsed’ lame talk. You’re better than that, moving on to better things. Improving yourself daily. Working on being the best you can be and achieving your higher goals.

Hell, you probably didn’t even have goals until now. Because you felt braindead every day. No more. You’re killing it.

Rocky Balboa running down a parade

Thinking about porn is easy

You literally have the biggest smile on your face everytime you think about it. You feel sorry for all the poor fools who feel forced to watch that shit every day.

You were like that once. Your mindset has come so far.

Every time you go to bed now you are so happy that tonight’s another ‘porn-free night’. You’re giddy to get into bed, maybe listen to some music (which sounds better than it ever has) and enjoy snoozing off in a cozy fashion.

Thinking about porn is easy. You’re always thankful for how far away you are from it.

Rocky Balboa calling for Adrian

You look back at how far you have come with glee

And what did you give up? Absolutely nothing!

Rocky Balboa climbs stairs and celebrates at the top