Reasons to go porn-free

  1. You will have more energy
  2. You will feel more connected to the world
  3. You will enjoy music more
  4. Your sexuality will no longer be warped
  5. It will be easier to follow other good habits
  6. You will smile more
  7. Your genitals will work correctly
  8. Your voice will be deeper if you are a man
  9. You will be a lot more comfortable in social situations
  10. You will save a lot of time
  11. You will not have to waste money on premium porn
  12. You will no longer feel guilt
  13. You will feel more motivated
  14. Your thought processes will be clearer
  15. You will be more creative
  16. You will dream better
  17. You will seek opportunities out instead of avoiding them
  18. You will be less anxious
  19. You will not experience ‘brain fog’
  20. You will no longer sleepwalk through life
  21. Your memory will improve
  22. You will have a superior sex life
  23. Your partner will not feel cheated on
  24. You can appreciate ‘the moment’ better, and more calmly
  25. Higher attention span
  26. You feel like you can do anything because you beat this