On Brain Fog

Every time we get sucked into the vortex of porn, we damage our brain's natural ability to think and percieve the world clearly. We get lost in a cesspit of brain fog, the inability to use our most important organ to its fullest potential.

Porn damages our brains for which it needs time to heal from. Studies show that porn use is similar to that of drug use in many ways.

Sleepwalking through life

During the heights of my porn addiction I definitely did not think rationally about where I was headed with my life. I completely chose the wrong degree, twice. I had to retake my exams because I did so poorly the first time. I was in a 'dopamine arms race' between gaming and pornography, constantly doing both of those activities to the extreme.

Have you ever done the same? What opportunities or decisions have you been completely wrong on. What stupid things have you said to people? When has the social anxiety prevented you from taking the right actions?

Zero ambition

The brain fog definitely can make you forget what the point of life is. After a long porn session you will go back to staring into your screen with such a blank, meaningless expression, feeling nothing deep within your soul. Zero ambition or enjoyment for any activities.

Being on porn all the time genuinely makes you feel like a broken human being. You see your friends doing all sorts of interesting things and you are just wasting away.

You don't even enjoy the activities you are supposed to thoroughly enjoy after you have watched porn. Your brain is altered.

Physical effects

That goddamn feeling in your head. That weird dull ache. There. Constantly. It goes away after 3-5 days of being porn free to some extent, for sure. But it definitely won't let you forget about the mistake you just made.