Imagine Freedom

You wake up from this endless nightmare that you have been living for a long time. A nightmare filled with cognitive dissonance, and a return to your normal, healthy psychology.

If you have been using porn for most of your life, you don’t even know what a normal, healthy psychology, or life is.

One where you appreciate the small things, the pleasantaries in music.

The psychology where you are not awkward with people you speak to by default.

The one where you don’t sexualise everyone you see by default.

The one where you aren’t fatigued every single day.

The one where you don’t resort to other substances to ‘fill in the gap’ in your brain’s improper functioning.

The one where you don’t have to constantly lie to yourself and yourself about how your porn addiction is going.

The one where your bedsheets are clean.

Feeling good by default

Instead you wake up feeling a connection to the world. You hear the rich intonations in the music. You are complete in of yourself, you don’t need some animalistic desire or action to be completed constantly to feel ok.

You’re calm and collected with the people you talk to. Your palms aren’t sweaty or gross. You’re high energy and can get on with the task at hand.

No brain fog, working psychology. Working sex organs. A happy existence.