Great Start to porn-free 2024

8 days porn-free now. Going strong so far.

What’s the point of this blog, other than just to say the same thing forever

Just to stay on top of it to be honest. In the same web browser I could be using to look at porn, I can also use it to browse my extensive list of reasons why I think porn is one of the worst things ever.

I… recommend it as an approach. It’s made a big difference so far.

I also get to look back at my down bad struggles from the past and be thankful I don’t have those problems anymore.

Horniness is my problem to bear

A lot of the time when someone is ‘horny’ usually they mean they are bored and are addicted to porn in some way.

Pretty much any time I choose to use porn, it’s gonna be that. Because porn isn’t genuine desire, it’s warped.

”Oh man… I think I’m gonna coom…”

Was what I said in 2023. That shit straight up doesn’t effect me anymore. Because, as we all know it’s…